How to get US whatsapp Number in Nigeria using Vyke app

How to get US whatsapp Number in Nigeria using Vyke app

How do i get a us number that i can use on whatsapp permanently? Are you one among those asking this same question perhaps to get a stable and permanent number for business or personal WhatsApp ? Then this article regarding how to get us number for WhatsApp verification in Nigeria will surely be of great help.

Recently i wrote about an app which also helps you get United states mobile number for making and receiving calls and also for sending and receiving text messages. You can also use the number for many online verification purposes such as Facebook, PayPal, Twitter etc but we stated clearly that this DingTone app numbers no longer work on WhatsApp. Ever since then alot of fance has been pestering me to drop the ones that can be used for WhatsApp verification.

For this reason i have decided to share with you here: How to get us number for WhatsApp verification in Nigeria using VYKE mobile app here in Nigeria.

The Vyke international phone number app not only allow you to make Us virtual phone number for online use but you can also make calls and receive calls with this number. In addition, they offer other countries number (Canada, Poland, Netherlands, United Kingdom)

Features of Vyke Virtual phone number Generator

Like I’ve mentioned above, this app allow you to make international phone numbers from various countries (5 top countries specifically) But even at that, below are some of the things you should know about Vyke.

  • It’s Not Free But affordable

    UNLIKE other virtual numbers apps which might promise to give you free international phone number, this app charges monthly or annually to secure and keep your number running.

    You pay $1.99/month , $2.99/3months or $6.99/Year. In that case it’s better you just get the number annually as that seem more affordable unless you only want to make temporal use of it.

  • You Buy Credit For Calls:

    If you want to make international or local calls with this Vyke virtual number, you will need to buy credit which you will use. This app only offers free calls when the person you wanna call is also using the app.

    For this reason the invite button is there to enable you invite who ever you feel like. This will make it easy for you to connect friends and families abroad and make free calls with them.

    For calls which you make to others, you’re been charged 60min billing.

  • You can terminate the number

    Even before the expiry date of your number based on the duration you chose, you can terminate or delete your number.

    Just click on your profile name and click on delete profile and your phone number will be wiped off. Note: This action cannot be reverted.

  • Multiple Numbers allowed:

    With This virtual number app you can generate more than one mobile number from the same dashboard and all will be active.

    Remember. If your number expires and you’re unable to renew then the number will go offline as it will be removed from their server and you won’t be able to regain or retrieve that number again unless you buy another one.

    For good business trait, it’s better you manage and maintain one number or the ones you can afford to keep running so you won’t loose contact in future time.

  • Data or WiFi Connection

    You need to keep your internet data or wifi connected before you can use this app. It doesn’t work offline.

    This is one disadvantage of the app. In that case when your data or WiFi turn off, your app will go offline. We are still hoping for a new update (getting the offline version).

Having learnt all of the above, let me quickly show you how to get us number for WhatsApp using this Android/IOS app.

how to get us number for WhatsApp verification in Nigeria using Vyke app

Follow every step below to make your us number using VYKE app

Download this app from Google Playstore here. After downloading , launch this app from your device.

Enter your Local mobile number and get the SMS verification code. then finish your registration. If you find it difficult getting the verification code as text message you can request it via call and you will receive a call from them. pick the call and they will call the code for you.

Before you buy number you need to have available balance in your wallet. so let’s buy some credits so we can purchase a new number. i already have some credits in my balance about $1

From your App Dashboard Click on Buy Credit and select Topup

Select your desirable payment method; PayPal or Credit/Debit Card. for easy payment you can go with Card if you don’t have PayPal account

Select the amount you want to Topup.

From the next page you will be prompted to insert your Vyke coupon code but if you don’t have any coupon code continue to the next page. and select the type of card you wanna use: Visa, Master etc..

Fill in your billing Details. not compulsory you fill them correctly as they are of no use.

Enter your Card details and finish your payment and your balance will be credited immediately.

Out of the 3$ you just purchased we only need $1.99 to buy number while the rest lies in our credit balance to make calls and send text.

Steps to buy your number

Click on Add number from your Home Menu. Select the country you want and the area you want your number from plus the duration.

Then click on Purchase button and $1.99 will be deducted from your balance. now your number is ready for use. You can now send text, Receive text, Make calls and receive calls from this number.

If you find the above info regarding how to get us number for WhatsApp in Nigeria helpful kindly share with others. Remember to subscribe for more updates regarding lates apps that pays, Financial Apps and global Apps.

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