How to Create US number in Nigeria using DingTone App

How to Create US number in Nigeria using DingTone App

Have you be searching for how to create us number in nigeria for verifications but haven’t found a perfect solution? then be glad you stumbled here because am going to show you step by step guide to open USA mobile number in nigeria using android app (DingTone).

There are so many reasons why you might want to own your personal international phone number in nigeria but among the many reasons what we usually use them for is online verification purposes, Calls and text masages.

Did you want to open a new USA PayPal account, Facebook, Twitter, Or other places that requires your number for confirmation? You can use the international number to make foreign accounts in these platforms.

It’s very Frustrating when you want to join some certain websites online and your registration cannot be completed without phone verification. This will equally make you look for other alternatives which you might not even get much interest on.

DingTone app is the best and easy solution to get your US number in Nigeria for calls and SMS.

Features of DingTone App Mobile numbers.

Below are some of the features you need to know about Ding Tone Mobile numbers.

  • Online Usage:

    DingTone mobile numbers can be used for almost all international verifications but recently the number stopped working on WhatsApp and Fiverr. I tested the number few months ago with success but for some weeks now i noticed it’s not working. you can also try that from your end. If you want sure number that works on WhatsApp you can check out Vyke app here

    If you have been searching for the best place to get US, UK, Canada and other international mobile numbers right from an app then Dingtone is a good choice.

  • Offline Usage:

    This mobile number aren’t only for SMS verifications but you can also use the number just like you do to your local numbers such as for making and receiving calls. And also receiving and sending text messages.

    This mobile number makes it easy for you to call other international mobile numbers at low cost. You can make calls at better rate than when using your local line..

  • It’s Renewable

    The number you get here is 1.99$ Which is the same amount you will use to renew it yearly.

    The DingTone number is not absolutely free but you buy it with the above price and it will last for 365days after which you will be prompted to renew the number again to continue using it.

  • it’s rechargeable

    Just like you Recharge your line so also you do with your DingTone number.

    You will see the option to buy credit from your app. The credit you buy is what you will use in sending text and making calls. You can also get free credits daily and by completing surveys.

  • One Number at a time

    You cannot Create two numbers at the same time from the same country. If you have created a USA number then you can only create your second number from other countries available on the app. If you want to make another US number then you will have to terminate the existing one.

    You can also change your existing mobile number but you will have to pay additional charges.

  • Easy to Use:

    DingTone is not only affordable due to the fact that you pay less to secure your international number but the app is also easy to use and navigate.

    Everyone can use DingTone unlike other international mobile number providers apps and it’s globally accepted.

Having learnt all of the above, how to create us number in nigeria. Below steps will guide you through please follow the guide carefully.

how to create us number in nigeria using Dingtone

Download DingTone app on your android phone Click here. Launch and open the app.

Create account as a new member and login to the app.

From the button menu of the app where you can see Calls, Messages, Contact etc Click on Connect

From the screen click on the option to add your first number. then select the country you want your number from. You will see the lists of available countries.

Search the area you want to get your number from. and you will see the lists of available numbers displayed.

Select any of the available mobile numbers of your choice and click on the continue button.

Select Get access to the number and you will see an option to Select your payment method. it can be PayPal, Your card or Google pay. . So i selected PayPal as my payment option.

After payment, now my mobile number is ready for use. You can also choose Card payment if you can’t pay with PayPal but not all Nigeria bank cards are accepted. If you find it difficult to pay you can connect me for assistance.

Now that your Phone number is ready what next? Grab some free credits or buy some from the app. You can now start making calls with your available credits, You aren’t charged for incoming calls or text.

When someone calls your DingTone number it will ring from the app and when a text message comes in you will also open it via the dingtone app.

Other mobile Apps you can also check on

apart from the above method to create us number in Nigeria, there are other apps which renders almost free services you can also check them out.

TextPlus App:

This app is available on google play store or other download portals. After download, launch the app and import your contacts. you will be assigned a Us mobile number which you can use to make and receive calls and SMS.

Google Voice App:

Google voice is a google own product which allows you to make international mobile numbers and use them for free. you can also search out this app on Playstore.

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